Maybe It’s Not the Salary

In the “About Me” section, I talked a bit about my feelings about being retired. I’ve been thinking that it’s hard to feel good about myself when I don’t have a job that brings in money. Poring over the “help wanted” ads, I came to the realization that the only thing I seem qualified for is babysitting, or handing out samples in the grocery store. My self esteem is taking a bit of a hit with these discoveries!

Since I finished up my part time technology integration job-which I loved, I’ve been reading lots of books to learn about making money online. Do I want to try blogging or coaching, making and selling jewelry, writing ebooks? I was wandering around, trying to find a good fit, having a hard time getting started with anything concrete. I’m usually a pretty joyful person, but I had to admit, I was starting to feel a bit down about the whole situation.

And then, today it dawned on me that maybe it’s not about the money-maybe it’s about having a purpose. Since I’ve started this blog, I have the energy to write down plans, make sketches of some of the things I want to make for the Etsy shop, and clean and organize my studio. I might not be saving the world, but I feel like I’m moving in a direction-moving toward something. It’s a good feeling!


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