Oh Yes, I Absolutely Do

I just have to say that I realize how silly my worries about searching for meaning sound. When I was in the classroom, stressed out and working as hard as I could, scurrying around to try to stay on top of things, the thought of retirement seemed like an absolute dream. Days and days with nothing to do? Who wouldn’t be wild about that? And in the overall scheme of things, it seems like such a self indulgent thing to think about. I know that this kind of thinking and wondering is an absolute luxury, because it means that all my other basic needs have been met. I have a wonderful, healthy family,  a nice house to live in, a car to drive, money for the things we need and lots of the things we want, great friends, and the list goes on. Because I have all those things, I have the time to ponder what it all means. So, I just wanted to make it clear that I very often say to myself, “Boy, how great is my life, that I have the time and energy to worry about this?”


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