Detail of Frauenthal Center, from their website

I love a wedding! Last weekend we attended a wedding at a local theater, a gorgeous building constructed in a time when attention to detail and fine workmanship was the order of the day. Such an interesting place for a wedding-and I had no camera. Not even my cell phone. I still enjoyed every velvet curtain, gold swirl, and bit of polished wood.

No matter what the setting, my favorite thing about a wedding is always how much in love the couple seems to be. Every wedding I’ve ever been to has featured a couple with stars in their eyes, surrounded by lots of people who love and support them. Even though everyone knows there will be days where their love doesn’t feel quite as sparkly as this it does at this point, everyone hopes it will be more smooth than rough, and they’ll be able to remember how much in love they were on this day.

Early morning summer sun through sparkly water droplets on the lawn


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