How I See

I’m reading The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp, and came across something that was very interesting to me. She believes everyone has their own particular creative DNA; “All of us find comfort in seeing the world either from a great distance, at arm’s length, or in close-up.” I’ve never thought of it that way, although I often wonder why some people take such beautiful, panoramic photos of a scenic vista, and I bring home close ups of flowers, rocks and leaves. I love watching the waves for the moment with the water lifts up and then starts folding over to form a perfect wave. I bend over and look closely at the pattern of light and water on rocks. I see the panoramic vista, I really do. I appreciate wide expanses of sky, the color of the trees when I drive over a hill, a big sky full of clouds. But I can’t capture it with my camera or my brush. Now, thanks to Twyla, I can carry on with my closely cropped view of the world and let the people with the wide angel DNA show me their beautiful views. I wonder how many times the idea of people being different and still fantastic will have to hit me over the head before I get it?

Of course you can click these teeny images to see them in a larger format.


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