The Girl Effect

Today I’m participating in Tara Mohr’s Girl Effect Campaign.

I spent 32 years in education, the last 19 teaching the delightful people who populated my  third grade classroom. I worked in a pretty affluent community, where most of the girls’ biggest worry was who to play with at recess, and if their clothes were “cool.” There were, of course, exceptions to this, but they were few and far between, and there were people with resources who could offer help. It’s so hard to imagine, in this safe place, that there are millions of girls in the world who aren’t safe, who don’t have the opportunities we have, and live lives that we can’t even begin to imagine.

But even from afar, we can make a difference. Go here to read more about the project, and get involved. Even a little help can make a difference when multiplied by great numbers of people with caring hearts.  Check out the site, read about it, watch a movie. Do something in honor of the lovely girls in your life.


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